Sunday 27 December 2020

DPM backscene

 I'm about 2/3 of the way though the track; just these last two points to do on the platform roads. As usual it's a little squeezy and there is is a lot of the Hopwood mentality in the approach. There is space for a 37/47 in the headshunt. No point for anything grander as it will get too big for the other end. To recap: these are the standard 43" long boards plus the Rhiw/Svanda fiddle yard, taking the overall to around 11'. Still not big, with the idea to be able to take the good bits from Rhiw and Hopwood and run some DMUs and parcels stock.

The building units are DPM and have been in Mr. Hill's care for probably 25 years waiting for a suitable use. Ideal for a non-specific industrial building that is only an inch deep. The area to the left will house another bland structure of a post office parcels building of the post war block type. his will drift away from the usual Wills sheet and probably move to a card/ Slater's brick to blend better with the DPM mouldings. Most of this will be masked by some tatty platform canopies still un-purchased from Ratio.

Predictably, due to space considerations in what is a small house, the O gauge layout currently running in RM is up for grabs and will be advertised in due course. Before I do that I'll wave it here to see if there is any interest. Email me through the profile page to your right.


  1. I like the DPM modular walls...I've used them on Fidley for the high level loading bay wall. Haven't seen any for ages, do they still make them?
    I expect Oake will find a new home pretty quickly, haven't got room for it or any O gauge stock or I'd be sorely tempted.

    1. Si. If DPM are no longer available, may I suggest the MiniART range of 1:72 buildings from the Ukraine. Something like their Kit No 72032 (fire station) provides a wealth of modular wall sections - some with windows, some without. Despite the stated scale the brickwordk seems to scale accurately for 4mm to the foot. MiniART kits are available in the UK.


    2. Hi Christopher, I thought I'd replied to this but it seems not to have worked...
      Thanks for the suggestion of the MiniArt kits, I've actually got a couple of them (can't remember which ones!) although I haven't yet figured out what to do with them! Where I've used DPM in the past was in N gauge for a high (wagon top) level tipping dock on my little BR(W) branch line terminus, you may have seen it at a WRG show as it's been once or twice. I really must get around to building some more rolling stock for it....