Sunday, 24 January 2021

Backscene buildings


Moving swift on through what I've realised is quite a lot of buildings. This seems to be my task in life now with not only this but 4mm and lots of 2mm structures on the horizon for RM. Here I'm fighting somewhat. The DPM HO railroad modular kit is out of Mr. Hill's back room stash of things and is in the region of 25+ years old. This may be a factor.

The plastic is almost cast, is hard and unforgiving and though not brittle, as yet is resistant to the usual liquid solvents. This means I had to resort to a bottom-of-the-drawer tube of poly cement which was actually Mrs. F.s fathers. Surprisingly it is still usable and has a glorious set of fumes which cuts the modelling sessions down somewhat. No wonder he's no longer with us if he was using this over  a long period. There is a slight diagonal wind on some of the sheets. Probably not a problem with DPM's expectations of a square building, not so with my series of 'flats'. Some substantial 100thou beam-work has sorted it.  Now the painting of thirty four windows while the sleet fall against the window.


  1. Hi Chris,
    I remember using some DPM H0 modular walls years ago...probably at least 25. This was when I could wander into Scale Rail at Eastbourne and get them off the shelf.
    I started with the "Modular Learning Kit" which went together very well as a small workshop.
    I painted "Joe's Garage" along the top of doorway which I remember you commenting on at the time...
    After this I bought some of the modular sections with the idea of building a similar low relief structure to the one you're working on but found similar problems with the plastic being very hard and difficulty in getting it all to line up. I used EMA Plastic Weld but found it wasn't as effective as usual. I think I gave up on the idea in the end although I remember a section of building with a part broken off (due to brittle plastic?) and no windows fitted lurking in a box until fairly recently.
    Oddly I recall no problems with the N gauge DPM stuff I used to make a loading bay wall either in gluing or lining up...but then, the H0 Modular Learning Kit seemed fine.
    I think I've still got some of the N gauge stuff somewhere...will have a look and see how easily the plastic breaks(!).

  2. From my HO Ahern County days, I recall that a lot of DPM kits were made of a soft-ish sort of resin. It would glue with Plasweld and BritFix (eventually), although I often braced corners and joints with old spare bits of sprue and PlastiCard offcuts. The multi kit was different and much harder to work with, although I did make a couple of structures.
    On the whole I was happier bashing the larger buildings into flats/low relief. Not much help now, I know as they are all but unavailable....
    Missing Victors, LSWR and Scale Rail!
    Andrew Knights