Wednesday, 17 February 2021

ARP signal box

ARP signal box

 I'm in full signal box experimentation mode now. 

I had my eye on this when it was first announced, then that sort of went sideways. I'd requested one one for Hopwood, but it was only in test stage at that point. The production photos looked good, but when it appeared at Warley in 3D print form... different box! The original is a five bay animal - this was smaller and the windows... well. The prototype is at Crewe, though Town Green is mentioned on RMweb. Though with the root of the design being the Peco drawing office, my money is on Dunham No2 which featured in a drawing page in RM in the 1990s. This looks to be a Plan B situation, possibly on final retail cost terms.

All that said I picked one up. This is a proper Saturday afternoon Spitfire job. It falls together and this first main part took about half an hour - others would take less. The parts are oddly shaped in places, but it does all make sense when it goes together, though I did rearrange a couple of the instruction orders. I also attempted to alter the rear window to a more SR four-pane shape as it's not a million miles from the box at Gomshall which I covered on the blog a while back. This didn't go well, but it's round the back. My aim now is to try and make this look a lot better than ummm... other builds of this which look like they have bright blue ribbons around them. 

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  1. Aren't those glazing bars a bit "Airfix"? Just a thought, otherwise loks well proportioned. Fawley Branch too?
    Andrew K