Thursday 25 February 2021

N gauge water tower

It's bloody small. 
Especially after coming out of 7mm stuff not too long ago. The first one off the grid. I have a box of this stuff to build and before the baseboards turn up from Yorkshire, I may as well make a start. This is the Ratio large water tower. Large because they also make a smaller one which is probably used more by 009-ers than N gaugers. In a nutshell what we have here is two of the smaller tanks stuck together on a brick base. So far, so good.  
It's bloody small. 
Just a couple of inches long. I noted that the box photo has lost the walkway guardrail and ladder. Cheapskate I thought. Then I tried to put the stanchions together and broke all of them. Then the ladder snapped. What a sensible bloke, I thought, leaving all the tiny breakable stuff off.
This is not the end of the world as it's destined to sit at the back as part of an 'industrial' complex.
Did I mention that it's small...

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  1. I wasn't aware of the existence of this kit...just had a look at Google images and I see what you mean about the delicate bits! The only 009 water tower I've built was a Joe Works one years ago...I take it the "small" one you refer to is the square one rather than the round one? I've got one of the latter which I suppose would look ok in 009 if a bit small. Or I could just use the 3mmSMR whitemetal panels. Or just stick with diesels...