Wednesday, 13 October 2021


 'A tedious job, but well worth the effort' he said quoting a thousand layout articles.

Putting ground cover onto a layout is usually quite fun and signals the transition between the engineering bit and the artistic bit. This particular bit is a fiddle. All well and good when it's strapped to a few feet of timber, but bouncing around the bench while you try to stick soggy bits of paper down in a line wore thin after about 30 seconds. I'm not quite sure why I did it this way around... oh yes I do it was so I could take piccys more easily.

I think everyone should build an N gauge layout.


  1. Looks like it will be worth the effort...
    Is the walling stone or brick? I can't tell from zooming in on the photo.
    I get what you mean about engineering/artistry though to be honest I tend to struggle with the ground cover, it's certainly a case of making it up as I go along, as well as being prepared to remove and redo some things.
    N gauge layouts...yes, definitely...I'm feeling like building another one, even though Fidley isn't finished. I still haven't tackled the coupling thing...I don't like the look of the original ones OR the Micro-trains/Dapol knuckles, at least not on traditional short British wagons. Greenwich work well but are a bit too big and I've tried MBDs but they're so small and fiddly I gave up before fitting any. I know I've got some DGs somewhere so perhaps they're worth a try. I need to find some sort of solution as a branch line terminus with no shunting is a bit pointless unless I rip up all except the platform tracks and just run DMUs up and down.
    For the "Other" N gauge layout there are already a few bits...a yard office kitbashed from the flat roofed extensions from 2 Peco house kits, the unbuilt remains of the house kits, and some Knightwing Portakabin kits I got at Folkestone. Thinking probably late '80s, mostly blue diesels with the odd bit of sectorisation colour creeping in.

  2. N gauge? Three and out! At least for myself. One UK, aborted and sold off, one East Anglian, done but sort of okay. US one completed, I like the look of it, operationwise it works but isn't exciting. As a well known Youtuber say, I like that, it'll do.
    Back to On30 and OO/HO, home waters! Best wishes Chris both on the success of the latest project and for this blog!

    Andrew Knights (Still anon!)