Tuesday 5 October 2021

Coopercraft van

 Modelling is slower these days but a concerted effort has produced this unlikely beast for the Dury's Gap roster.

Originally part of the AoC stock it sustained a little damage and has been repurposed. First by scratching the lettering off with a fibre brush, then repainting. The brakes were replaced with Mortons from the bits box - unlikely that it would have lasted into the 1960s let alone with the original Dean/Churchward mechanism. Like a lot of the stock it remains on the branch for semi-internal traffic. 


  1. Looks good and gives The Gap more of a back story too. A question from the naive, how can I tell it has Mortons brake gear?

    Andrew Knights, currently On30 coach bashing.

  2. Picked up some Coopercraft kits on Sunday at Folkestone...I think quite a few of the various types the kits portray survived until the late 1950s, after that most of the photos I've seen are of vacuum fitted vans. Same old thing though...all sorts of stuff hung in there on minor lines especially if they were being used for something that wouldn't attract official attention.