Monday 31 January 2022

A two point model railway

Lightweight baseboard
Progress has been remarkably slow. Not sure why. I used to knock this sort of thing out in a couple of hours. It doesn't need much explanation: the 3' x 1' boards are rescued from a previous abandoned project and are a lightweight baseboard experiment with all the cross pieces drilled with a spade bit (which is brutal) and now resemble the inside of an aircraft wing. The difference is notable especially compared to the hernia inducing White Rose boards used for the N gauge. The thinner material and the holes resulting in at least 30% less weight.

The two point track plan

The track plan, if you can can call it that, echoes the original Rhiw plan of a long crossover. The line top left runs to a single passenger platform and the line lower left is the headshunt/exchange for the kickback line  at the bottom right. This means that operationally the layout is really only the turn around as the destinations are off-scene. This means that the unseen line can be anything you want, though the general idea is that the traffic is chemical/fertiliser in vans and scrap inward. This recently threw up the possibility which didn't appear on Rhiw 1 in the shape of condemned 16 ton mineral wagons working one way.


  1. Are you going to have an extension on the left front as well as the fiddle yard on the right? I imagine so, as otherwise there will be a very short headshunt serving the industrial line. Or do you have a cunning plan...?

  2. Maybe it's taken longer because you want to make sure that it's really dead right this time (I'm thinking about your previous comment on the poor running to/from the fiddle yard).