Wednesday 26 January 2022

Resolving fiddle yard issues on Rhiw Mk2

Layout testing
Rhiw Mk2 begins. There was a recurring problem with derailments on Mk1 at the mainline entry that we never did get to the bottom of.  As the same fiddle yard is used I'm taking no chances and I'm rigorously testing all the stock (pushing and pulling) through the reverse curves and over the new joint. The fiddle yard has been in use with Svanda for the 11 years since with no obvious problems, save dropping it  at Globalrail in Didcot, so any problems are new ones.

Fiddle yard

Originally 6-road with Rhiw (4 mainline roads and 2 for the yard) it's been running as the four with the NSB stock. As the MK2 will have the same track plan the yard roads will be reinstated and the isolating toggle switches rewired. Why build it again? Well it worked at a fundamental level despite the scarily anorexic track layout and proved to be popular with the run-down 1980s vibe. This time it can have updated and improved scenics and be without the stupid front operation that made it hard to work.

Onward to the first show.


  1. Rhiw really captured the period. (I was in my 30s and similarly anorexic). British Rail felt sadly tired and grubby and worn out then, as if it could feel that the chop was around the corner. Looking forward to seeing Rhiw 2 develop.

  2. Also looking forward to New Rhiw. Although there's quite a bit of suitable RTR rolling stock available for the late BR era, I haven't seen many layouts that really capture it as I remember it, Rhiw was one of the few.