Wednesday 19 January 2022

Model railway planning

Layout planning 
Of all the possible future projects that are possible, it is the Rhiw 2 concept that bugs me the most. The original failed simply because when it came down to it, in theatrical terms, I couldn't get my head around operating the puppets standing in the front row of the stalls. Several paper and even false starts have been attempted and Hopwood came close, although that was instigated and dictated by a well known Devon track maker and not me.

Track shapes

Within a small space there are several possible shapes: The Futers' Fork, The Minories, The Hopwood, and as here, The Gammon End. It was proved last night that in principle that it will work... but will it be enough? The break point for me these days is that it must be able to do a two day show without me reaching for the Luger. Here some old stripped boards were used to shuffle track and plonk some buildings in to give a 3D idea of shape. All went well, but be it enough?

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  1. I really liked Rhiw. It was uncluttered and interesting, combining main line and industrial. Told a story. Know what you mean about front operation though - it feels weird to me. I'm sure the concept would work with a rear operating position.