Thursday 20 January 2022

Chivers van

 There are a couple of tidy-ups to do re: weathering and couplings, but more or less done. The eagle-eyed will spot that I didn't try to push the envelope and force it into BR grey; or BR anything come to that. This opens up a minor can of worms, but it is only a small opening, the one you only spot at the supermarket checkout and it can go in the fridge until I decide that it has a home. 

The point of the exercise was that it was one less unbuilt kit to end up on a club stand when I shuffle off.

1 comment:

  1. That's come out lovely, Chris...the SR livery really suits it.
    I guess that's why my EM gauge stuff has mostly settled out in the late 1930s...still a lot of pre-grouping stuff around, nice big letters on the sides of wagons with a few in smaller lettering starting to appear. For me it's sort of comforting, though perhaps because that was what a lot of the models in magazines portrayed when I started building kits...