Wednesday 7 September 2022

New and old fiddle yards

Once upon a time... well around 13 years ago... a layout was begun. How do I know 13 years? Well the root, or one of the roots, can be traced back to this post here . The history and demise of the layout can easily be traced from this point, but in a nutshell, for new readers, the operation from the front didn't suit my shy, retiring character and there were a couple of technical issues. The boards subsequently became the base for the Art of Compromise which now resides with Warners (the publishing house not the holiday company). The fiddle yard lived on and grew. Not in size, but in weight due to various add-ons and a multitude of battle honour plaques and has been used since 2011 for Mr. Hill's Norwegian epic Svanda. It's a little undersized for this and the stock is carefully chosen to fit the siding length. 

Along the way the two roads at the front were removed. I forget why this was. Probably to steal the point for something. Now though they needed to be reinstated to resume the original, but hopefully smoother operating shape for Rhiw 2.

Out of the cupboard fell a small pile of Code 100 track... scraps really, but more than adequate to juggle around to suit. An hour of trimming and pinning gave me two wobbly but functional sidings which just need the isolating switches, bottom right, rewiring.

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