Wednesday 14 September 2022

Railway Modeller N gauge

October's RM just dropped through the door. Puzzlingly I get a subscription copy sans cover text one month and a plebeian copy the next as above. Why do I mention this? Well as you ask, the three part series on the N gauge Half Acre begins in this issue starting with yet another build of Harold Cabourne's pre-cut baseboards and some track laying, all in typical Ford style with no care for any of the instructions. Go buy.
The layout itself is stacked in the back of the garage and will be winging its way to Peco on the 31st October for transfer to the stand at Warley; though I won't be standing behind it. Its fate beyond that is unknown.

In other news (there's other news at the moment?) an exhibition has popped up for 2023 (oh yes, already) at Steyning on March 12th for the final WRG show. This will now be the target to get Rhiw 2 done. Put it in your diary.



  1. Why won't you be standing behind it? I always have to loiter near layouts I've built at shows.

    Time for a petition "Bring Chris Ford to Warley". I think I might write a stern letter to the editor of Railway Modeller. Now where's my green pen...

  2. You'll be wasting ink. I won't be there.

  3. I love that one magazine I buy, B+W Photography, gives subscribers a text free cover. Rob Bennet was discussing on FB how magazine design has suffered from a profusion of cover text. And he used to do it as a job.