Saturday 10 September 2022

Saturday Ramble - Project farming

What to do and when to do it? Some modellers spend a lifetime with one firmly defined goal, others wander from one unspecified place to another. I'm probably the latter. That said, providing there is not a technical crisis or a realisation that it just won't work, I'll get to the end before moving on.  Part of this approach is project farming.

Project farming can be random, or in this case, part of a direction. This first is a simple one; fitting couplings to a van that was detailed in the junior modeller section of RM a couple months back. The the second is painting, detailing and cutting-in of the industrial unit built by Mr. Hill a while back. The block will be covered and the resulting missing part will be masked with something. The third is to sort out the remaining section of platform and then paint the whole lot.

Three seemingly random projects farmed from the cupboard which all steer toward the same end result. Breaking things up into small chunks, as is often suggested for say revising for exams, and works just as well here. The aim is not to build a layout, only to finish the project in hand. Less pressure and not a mountain to climb. We often force ourselves to bite the whole layout and see it as one giant task... it isn't. A carefully set of farmed projects with a general aim is the way to go.

If you have enjoyed this and have been in some way entertained here in the last decade or so, chip in for a coffee.


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  1. Andrew Knights , as I suspect I will be otherwise anon! A great idea, the Project Farming idea, it appeals to a butterfly modeller such as I. Even if I am seriously thinking of a full loft makeover. Even then a progress map or an idea of how to go from ply to layout in simple easy to complete stages (doubtless with many a minor diversion along the way) is a great thing. In fact with out this approach starting all over can seem overwhelming?