Tuesday 8 November 2022

Invisible walling

 The last piece of walling for Rhiw 2 takes shape. This has now been painted and installed. The whole thing felt a bit pointless as unless you have a funny shaped neck or you are standing in the rearward operating position, it isn't really visible. Perhaps that's not the point; it needs to be there to finish the structure and although I tend to sit on the fence in these, matters, I don't want to stand behind the layout looking at a load of half-cocked scenery. The structure root is the same as the stuff at the rear of the layout and uses the larger scraps of Wills course stone that I had left over from the O gauge project and a little filler, with a capping from strips of 40 thou: 4mm wide and lightly scribed using the Wills wall capping as a spacing guide. I seem to go through acres of the stone sheet, and it must be the most versatile product in the range,

The rear of the structure/spacing pieces are packing card; the stuff that I used to get wrapping the Ed's copies of 009 News which is very good quality and may well be the grade that the printer uses for hardback cover bases. The return wall at the right is largely superfluous, but at this stage I wasn't sure how much of it would be visible. Again, it's scrap material so zero cost.

 The use of card of late for these walling areas has got me thinking about a fully-cardboard finished layout, of the sort that graced the 70s magazines that I grew up with. The thinking is in place and more on the possible execution of the idea later.

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  1. I always quite enjoy trying to get odd sized bits of plastic (or whatever) to fit together. Slowly working on a water tower for the 009 layout at the moment and there's also an idea for an N gauge diorama that may involve walls, but we'll see.
    Will the Hobby Shop at Faversham still be open when I get there? Should I spend money? No. Will I? Almost certainly!

    1. So what did I buy? A Ratio Pratt truss gantry kit that, as it turns out, is too wide for the diorama, a pack of Ratio SR concrete fencing and a pack of Peco N gauge stone wall sheets.

  2. Andrew Knights. I keep looking at those SuperQuick building kits and thinking there is something to be done there. Not yet though. Currewntly I am thinking of backscenes for a new O scale UK adventure. I still like the idea of using the Cinema and shops, blowing this up to O scale ( or near). They somehow capture both atmosphere and period, model; and prototype?

  3. I bought some Superquick building papers of the dressed stone variety last year to use for the bridge abutments on the currently stalled 00 layout. It really is very nicely designed and printed and has that monolithic look seen on the cutting walls as you approach Liverpool Lime Street.