Thursday 3 November 2022

Wills lozenge tiles

 The dinky French wayside station building all done... after six months. Not that it took that long, just that I kept leapfrogging with other projects. In an effort to tie up the loose ends, it was one of a pair of things that needed sorting ASAP. The main reason for it was to try the Wills Lozenge tiles of which only one sheet was used. Just for jolly I compared these to some pure HO scale roof parts form a Joueff kit. To my surprise they are all but identical and so look to be correct for HO and don't suffer from the slightly overscale problems of some of the earlier original Wills sheet range. Worth noting if you are working in Euro-HO as opposed to 4mm. Though to be honest they will work adequately for the larger scale without too much bother.

The reason for the ASAP tie ups? Your trusty scribe is now as of this Monday off the payroll at Peco and back to the rollercoaster of freelancing. Though it has been said repeatedly, Peco is a little like Hotel California.


  1. That's come out lovely, Chris...park a 2CV or H outside and some SNCF wagons round the back and you could have a whole new diversion!
    Good to hear that the tiles compare well with the Jouef ones...I'll pick some up next time I see them as sometimes kits sold as French...aren't! SAI in particular sell a lot of re-branded Auhagen kits which, naturally, tend to come with Germanic-style roof coverings; I have several kits that would benefit from something more Gallic.
    Good luck with the tying of loose ends, I guess this particular one will end up in CM some time soon?

  2. Andrew K
    I agree with Simon. Very atmospheric, just needs a Locotracteur and 2CV van!