Monday 13 February 2023

Layout planning on the kitchen table

 Yeah, I'm on  a roll now.

Despite all the up to date tech tools for planning, this is still often the best way forward. The joke is that the afternoon was meant to be for thrashing out some new approaches to a new Hopwood. However that done, the box of buildings that I'd brought got emptied out and things went a little feral. The concentration on the compact urban 1960s style  trainset suddenly became an 009 micro using the opposing sidings plan with a generous hat tip to the 7mm ng Morton Stanley. Not quite what I was expecting and not at the front of the queue. This got worse...'Brent'.

1 comment:

  1. I certainly recognise at least one of those buildings...
    Like the idea of opposing sidings (and used it on the folding 009 micro), it tends to make operating interesting either with or without a loop. Pete Heininger from Oz (who I natter with on Facebook) has built several micros in various scales with opposing sidings they've all turned out very nicely, having character and visual interest. John Wooden's Arnold Layne Wharf is another one, had great fun tying myself in knots with that layout!
    The "feral" description fits probably better than organic, these things tend to have a bit of a mind of their own.