Sunday 5 February 2023

Testing Rhiw 2


With the Steyning exhibition on the 12th March creeping up over the horizon there is the need to do a little bit of work on Rhiw 2 to make it at least reasonably presentable. The pile of parts was drawn together at an undisclosed location near a security sensitive airfield (OK, Crawley...) and the whole thing tested. This was its first run post ballasting and aside from the hour chipping away bits of errant ballast, all appeared well. There is still much to do and the more it's looked at, the more little details at picked up. A short list of immediate work was drawn up and I spent part of today making a start on this. The starter semaphore is now stuffed, mounted and operating using Ratio bits and constructed and fitted by our Mr. Hill. The was  quite a bit of discussion about what could be run, and how fluid the period could be to accommodate this.

With regard to the link to Phil's video yesterday: I realised that his noting that the MDF boards were heavy underlined the fact that they are also very robust having originally been used under Rhiw Mk1 and cut down from 3'7" to 3' for the AotC. Something which has been repeated for Rhiw 2 which is exactly the same footprint as the AotC, but with half the pointwork.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing Rhiw 2, Chris!
    I had only been to the Valleys once before, by train and in the summer so the views were pretty restricted due to lineside overgrowth. Went up there on Thursday by car to deliver non-driving friend of G's and her cockatiel to a place called Peacehaven(!) just south of Tredegar, now I could actually see it the scenery is quite something albeit a bit post-apocalyptic in places.