Sunday 5 February 2023

The Art of Compromise resurfaces!

 I have to admit this is a laugh out loud piece from young Phil and a bit of a surprise. I was tempted to offer to take it back again and refit the slide switches.

I believe that the deadline for emailing is today should you want to put the extra work in. 

Still laughing Phil.


  1. I would be so tempted, if I wasn't elsewhere that weekend. I've already got the fiddleyard and most of the stock needed, as well as some alternative buildings to give it a Cambrian twist.

  2. I really hope that someone takes this on and develops it in the spirit of the giveaway.
    It's not going to be me as, while I would love to build something like the AoC, I'd want to do it in EM which might be difficult to fit in the space. Anyway, by the time you've replaced the track it would probably be simpler to start from scratch. Interesting comment about needing more people, extra road vehicle(s) etc., a very different viewpoint to the one you've sometimes expressed, Chris. I guess a lot would depend on the era you're modelling...

  3. I knew there was something I meant to do - tell you Chris! Sorry.

    The good news is that the layout has generated a lot of interest, and so I'm confident it will find a good home and go on to have another life. TBH, if I had the space and time, I'd develop it myself as the model is lovely. However, I don't, and refuse to let it deteriorate, so a new home must be found.