Monday 13 March 2023


 Well that's it done, Rhiw Mk 2's debut; and of course its final showing. To this end I was half tempted to take the offer of a sale halfway through the day.

There was much chatting with old friends. The old being important as I noted that with lockdowns stealing two years I hadn't seen many for  quite a while and everyone seemed, well.... older, limping, greyer. Although, as can be glimpsed here there were some very young attendees, the overriding age was not just 50+, but 70+. And although I don't fully drop into the gloom-ridden spiel of some, the signs are there that all is not well on the exhibition circuit and age may well be a factor. I may expand on this later.

Highlights for me were Alan Monk's  Czech  TT micro and Charlie Fox-Wilson's On30, both proving thought provoking, and the diorama from Giles' caught my eye as it echoed the possible direction of the next project. Note that its possible to spot parts from Airfix kits in most of his work.

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