Wednesday 5 April 2023

Big changes afoot


I don't come here nearly often enough now. The reasons for this are rich and varied, but mostly due to the need for realignment post Peco. This last six months is the first for what is several years that I've not had my modelling guided by a request from the above in one form or another. The result is a slightly scattergun approach and one which will become even more obvious in the next few posts.

The above is the almost finished ex-SECR wagon sans the round ends. This is completely fictitious in this livery as most were gone by the grouping (i.e 100 years ago) and I haven't found any evidence that they carried anything but the SECR grey. No matter. Note that I'm still getting the silvering in the lettering despite all the usual tricks and a brushful of Transfix. 

Oh, and the big changes? I've have decided to start selling a big chunk of everything off. I'm sure I've opined the reasons for the thinking behind this before, if not, I'll regale you with it in the next post.

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