Thursday 6 April 2023

The French direction


Yeah, the photo doesn't do it any favours. I started this quite a while back and the root should be obvious to the narrow gaugers out there who will spot the Egger German beer van. Not a quick conversion and one which needs a bit of trickery with the unhelpful plastics. Essentially the brake cabin is lopped off and the end re-detailed, the resulting hole in the roof is plugged and the wheels and couplings moved inward and outward respectively. Lastly the oh-so-French drop-down vent covers are run up from plastic.

Why? The next virgin project will be 009/HOe and French, though not in the expected setting, but my beloved Caribbean where I spent a little time in my teen years. The French-owned bits weren't exactly over-blessed with rail, but there is not reason why they couldn't have been, stocked with a mix of European and American built stock. 

Therefore this, Rhiw, the Svanda refurb and Dury's Gap are therefore the direction now with maybe two other possibles. This means that all the unrelated RTR stock can be disposed of. A  sliding direction of focus beckons. Some of this thinking is down to recent comments from Mr Hill vis -a-vis both modelling and mortality, not to mention background knowledge of the Gravetts and van hire, and a certain gent who now can only manage to lift his high level layouts onto a low table. Smart considerations are what is needed and I've made a start by binning a huge amount of bits and pieces.

 I may put a small list up in due course.

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  1. Christopher Payne6 April 2023 at 15:16

    I am delighted to hear that you are intending to pursue the French-Caribbean theme. The mix of European and American locos and rolling stock is something I look forward to seeing.

    The EggerBahn van conversion looks great.

    But one point of information: the widespread assumption that the "KAISER FRIEDERICH QUELLE" livery was that of a brewery is mistaken. The clue is in the word "Quelle" - meaning "source". It was a mineral water company.