Monday 31 July 2023

Dapol Class 121


Would I buy another one of these - if they were available? Probably not. Is that unfair? 

What I like: headlights.

Welsh branding.

Running quality.

What I don't like: fragility of parts

The weight of it when working on it.

Do I really need working interior lights and the ability to switch these out?

I appreciate the the weight and running are allied, but I felt as though I was was going to drop the thing every time I manoeuvred it around. The bag of bits is welcome, but I could have added these easily enough from commercial or home made parts at low cost. The detailing is superb, but is it too much, taking into consideration that this was bought at an offer price of at least 50% of what it would retail at today (the current crop of RTR DMUs floating at around £300 is eyewatering. I'd love a Class 117 for the layout, but that's beyond me).

Will I do another home conversion using a £40 s/h Lima? Almost certainly. Will it match this? Not by a long way, but is that really the point of the exercise?

Regardless of all the above it's now done and ready to be run/photographed on Rhiw 2.

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