Sunday 27 August 2023

The cinder path

 Before getting the back board and profile on I started on the platform area. Some thick card (ex-ring folder I think) brought the level up to the rail. This was cut to shape and sealed around the edges with some neat PVA. When this had gone off the two piece were stuck with UHU and given a couple of coats of Wilko 'smoke grey' emulsion from a tester pot. This will seal and give a base colour before the cinder ballast top coat goes on later. A piece of thin card was shaped to form  the base of the narrow access path and was also treated to a drop of paint. Already shaping up.


  1. Cor, are you getting Stannah to install a lift up that path!

    1. It looks worse than it is in its raw state. It's only about 8-10 scale feet up and most of it will be masked in greenery anyway.

    2. It doesn't look as steep or as long as the path from Ham Street platform 2 down to the main road. The villagers moan about it, but then a lot of them live on the Marsh so anything bigger than a speed bump gives them vertigo.