Monday 6 November 2023

Parkside vac-braked minerals

The weekend saw a push to get a rake of vac-braked 16 tonners painted up. These representing what must have been the last use of these on scrap traffic. With four left to do it was a case of looking at Paul Bartlett's excellent wagon photo site and drawing some inspiration.  Nothing fancy involved; Parkside PC19 kits built more or less as per the instructions and painted (mostly) Games Workshop Morfang Brown. One got a wash of Humbrol 33 before the ModelMaster transfers went on. Then two greys and orange dabbed on with a cheap brush with the bristles cut down.  Proper Saturday afternoon modelling. Couplings to add and we're good to go.



  1. I like the overall effect. Certainly look as though they have been working for a living!

  2. I remember seeing half a dozen 16-tonners being shunted into the coal merchant's siding at Eastbourne by a 73, in about 1980. Compared to these, they looked positively pristine! I suspect the three Roco DB/DR Omm55s I've got will end up similarly scruffy...