Sunday 5 November 2023

Seething station

 Only a few details and some scenic patching to do now, all well ahead of the deadline of Beccles on June 1st. Most of this scene is either s/h junk or other peoples chuck-outs. I bought a bag full of tatty trees off a club stand and refurbed a couple with some fluff to finish the corner. The figure is again club stand fare and is the obvious Airfix (there are two tobacco tins worth of various Airfix and Slaters bits to work through and this reduces the pile by one. The Wills station building is a chuck out from Greg Dodsworth. This was disassembled and rebuilt with a lamp room extension and my now favoured black plasticard glazing. The slightly unlikely sited post box is from the same source and is from the Dart range. Added here purely to add a splash of colour to catch the eye. 

The greenery is again a chuck out, mainly from the bundle of stuff given to me by John Wright when he gave it all up and moved back westwards. This comprised of static grass, flock and the Wills cottage kit that appeared  (and indeed still exits) on Tal-coed. The layout now sold means that the cottage has effectively followed its original owner to Somerset. Hedging is cheap scouring pad covered in flock and bushes are horsehair treated in the same fashion. In short: a few friends generosity and some careful purchases mean that (including track) this scene cost time and about £20. My answer to all those bleating about how expensive it's all become, is that I totally agree, but it's more about how you approach it, more than how deep your pockets are.

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  1. It's surprising how much difference a change of colours (from the usual green and cream or whatever) on the station building makes. I think the terracotta tiles give it a more "Eastern" vibe in particular.