Thursday 2 November 2023

Scandinavian filth

A shuffling of trestles and stock boxes saw Svanda set up and run. It needs a little bit of a clean and there was a conversation about upgrading the scenics.  Running wise there were no major issues (or none that we weren't aware of) and it enters its twelfth year; well into secondary education now. The reason for the flurry of activity is that it is lead layout for 2024 and will be appearing at the Steyning show in March (first and not the last plug) so a good looking at is required. The goods shed has been removed and the area is due for some redevelopment. Mr. Hill has never been happy with this so photos have been studies and a new shed is on the way.

Some quick phone shots were taken of the running...

... and then there's this. A clue for possible new projects.



  1. Coincidentally, I've just bought a pair of the red things in the last photograph...with a definite project in mind. It, and a red Köf 3 plus assorted wagons, are currently shuffling up and down some Scale Model Scenics micro layout boards on top of the cabinets in the dining room where the hobby stuff that isn't in store is stashed.

  2. Some useful photos of the sort of thing I'm thinking about trying to do, and a track plan here: