Monday 12 February 2024

Tenterden show


This is one that I make a point of going to, despite...

Compared to some of the other shows in the South, i.e. some visited in the last few weeks it is, some would say, a bit of a poor contender. The feel is very old style and the exhibits are a bit iffy in places, not to mention a bit thin on the ground in two rooms. Why the effort to go then? Not this time, but it is minutes away from the KESR, so a train ride can be factored in, but I find the show strangely appealing. Not least as whilst there are a couple of major box shifters, the accent is on smaller dealers often loaded with second-hand and rummage boxes full of old Tri-ang and the like. Regulars will immediately get the attraction. If you are a scratch/kit-basher like me there is a wealth of material here at low prices. In the end the haul was some cheap Wills sheet and viaduct bits, a wagon and putty, though there was much I walked away from as tempting though it was, I have to keep the rein tight and only buy for specific projects. 

Show: 5

Parking 10

Trade 10

Catering 6

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  1. I didn't get to Tenterden this year as we were in Zummerzet, but have always found the show pretty much as you describe. It's often a good one for picking up "stuff" of all sorts and was my nearest show, though the Ashford one in April has now knocked it off that spot. Tonbridge tomorrow...