Wednesday 21 February 2024

Too much to do?

 I find myself in the position of too much to do at the moment, to the point where I spent near on12 hours standing today working on the 009 project. Bliss some would say, but only from the position of having a choice. There is a 16t mineral on the bench which is headed for Rhiw2 that needs finishing, not to mention a runner wagon conversion promised for an RM Junior Modeller piece that hasn't even been started. That's without the small pile of book reviews to work through and the goods shed for Svanda which needs to be done ASAP. So why did I spend a couple of hours on the above? Simple answer is that I happened upon  a handful of sack mouldings in a tobacco tin while I was looking for something else and quickly decided that there was just enough to form some loads for the three 009 Society wagons purchased at Statfold last year. This now means that they are ready for the Beccles show in June, but now I have to make up some couplings... and so it goes on. 

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  1. Those look good, Chris...I built two of each kit some years ago, the low sided and planked ones are painted, but I keep dithering about what colour to paint the steel sided version...probably some sort of bilious yellow, cowpat green, or the sort of faded blue found on invalid carriages, perhaps. When I eventually get back to 009 modelling again, something I definitely need is loads for my wagons, but who knows when that'll be?