Monday, 15 November 2010

Class 03 in green my comment re: the Buffers ad' in the November RM: I note that a photo from the same shoot has been reproduced in the review/trade pages in the December issue. I say a photo, this is subtly different. No longer is the Bachmann rep' gazing down the young lady's top, but straight at the camera. Well thank goodness for that. And furthermore to my comment on the likelihood of a green liveried 03s appearance on 1980s Rhiw I include the above: taken from A. J. Booth's Ex-BR Diesels in Industry booklet. The above is a shunter captioned as in Pencoed in 1971 - right area, wrong period. But the lower is Ely 1986. This clearly shows the faded (green?) paintwork with a BR totem... in 1986!
A simple massaging of these dates and captions gives my full (modeller's) licence to include a green liveried/totem-ed Class 03 in a South Wales industrial setting.

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