Thursday 11 November 2010

Wood End 009

Wood End 009
Wood End 009 After a couple of years without a printer (pointless having one to print two sheets a month) I threw £40 at Currys and bought one on Sunday. What I didn't bargain on getting when I walked into the shop was a very natty built-in scanner. This has opened up a new world of not having to take prints to Crawley to scan-in... I can do it here. This has meant that, as can be seen, extra pages have appeared on the right, but I've also trawled a bit deeper into the photo pile and for those suffering a Narrow Gauge underload here's a couple of previously unreleased Wood End corner-section shots. A low angle and rather unflattering - I think I was playing around with filters on the old SLR. The prints have suffered a little; possibly due to the plastic sleeves that they are stored in, seem to be a touch grainy on reproduction.
Expect more from this batch.

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