Sunday 7 November 2010

Fiddle yard for Rhiw

There has been talk about boxing and lighting on Rhiw this week. Still not 100% sure what I'm going to do... if anything. Though I did look at various low-voltage light unit set-ups in B&Q last night (£15. for the transformer and £6 ea for the lights. Hmmm...). They have, apparently, stopped selling 6mm MDF in 4x2' lumps. This is quite frankly a pain in the arse as nearly all my baseboard building happens in 43/45" strips. Which leaves between 2.5" and 3" off-cut to use for bracing, making the whole thing fairly efficient. The new smallest size of 6x2 isn't, and bounces around on the car's headlining on the way home.

Anyway FY complete excepting the two switches for the isolating sections on the RH roads. (Haven't found the switches yet) I may also fit a panic on/off to the feed to the rest-of-the-world roads on the left so that I can kill the whole lot of required.
Now to fit backscenes to the main boards.Fiddle yard for Rhiw

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