Thursday, 18 November 2010


The above is a 7mm model of a Schoma industrial pictured with a Peco 7mm NG van on the HO layout Einsford Mill (keeping up at the back?). Built c. 1995 mainly from thin card with a few plastic bits from a drawing in the 7mm NGA's house mag' Narrow Lines. It is in essence a scrap-box project and apart from the Wrightlines spud on which it sits, it cost nothing. The building was written up in an article in the same publication at the same time, a rather cheeky piece titled 'The Butlins Schoma'. Unusually for this kind of thing, it's still with me in a small box marked '7mm bits'. It did subsequently form part of a small layout of which more anon.

The scale has always bothered me; I've had a couple of stabs at it, but I can't quite make it work. I'm always very inspired by a gentleman from Crowborough who can, and who is unwavering in sticking to a theme. Perhaps this is where I'm going wrong.

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