Sunday, 13 March 2011

Basingstoke model railway exhibition, riding Scandiwegian shotgun to Nigel on the SRS stand. What I know about Scandinavian railways you could write on that last full stop. However a willing body.

Excellent exhibition full of lots of things to buy, but I kept a firm hand on the tiller and only bought a few bits of stuff for Rhiw. Including the below.Lima shunter The Signal Box had a tray of these loose for £12.50 apiece. As far as I can tell it's a Lima shunter repackaged under the Joueff name. What you get is two plastic mouldings and a pancake motor assembly. Basic ain't the word for it, but as a simple power plant and at that price it seemed daft not to give it a go. I wasn't the only one who thought the same . Christopher Payne stood beside me and muttered. 'See if you can haggle four for forty quid.' This I did. The girl looked and me like a piece of shit on her shoe and said, 'That's the price.' I tried. CP put his hand in his pocket and bought two. I wandered back and got just the one.

It runs OK - better than I thought it would. Cogs a little, but this does give a nice sound. What I have in mind is to diddle with it to turn it into a quickie industrial for Rhiw.
Anyone know what the prototype is? Assuming there is one.

Consensus so far points toward a european-ised Plymouth switcher, but does this have any basis in reality? Did the French use Plymouths in industry somewhere? According to my stats, 15 Frenchmen viewed the blog so far this morning. One of them must know.

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