Saturday, 12 March 2011

Rhiw Profile boards

This just shows how much there is to do. The trick is to try and do a little something everyday. Even if it's just paint a bufferstop.

 Yesterday the second profile board went on (needs tidying to match) and the 'land' formers in the shape of scraps of mounting card. I wanted to avoid a parallel track plan - parallel to the edge that is. And although its slightly cranked toward the camera, from normal viewing it doesn't show. Also in almost every other example I've dropped the front of the baseboard. the only other time I've used flat square boards was on the American HO layout - which in many ways this is remarkably similar to. Here I want a 'peering over the fence' feel. With a low pros-arch and embankment. Perhaps that should be 'peering through the letterbox'.

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