Thursday, 28 April 2011

Art of Compromise - planning

Now I've managed to get most of the ground covered on Rhiw it's time to think of the next project - like you do. I think after much consideration it will be to have another crack at the Art of Compromise plan that has been much discussed on this page in recent months. This is in essence a case of what to alter. Most projects start with a photo or other idea and a blank sheet of paper; this is a set piece with defined dimensions and themes.

Because it's different in this respect it can be approached almost upside down. What I would normally do is start with a full size paper plan, build the boards and adjust as I go. This will be more of a shopping trip. That is, decide what the individual elements are to be, and construct these prior to the boards getting built. What I don't want to do is stray too far from the original; that would be pointless. If I do that then I may as well strat from scratch. Therefore there are two alterations: The re-siting of the coalbins to north of the siding now to face the road and the omission of the platelayer's trolley hut and the watertower by the bridge. The hut will go and the tower shifted to the front thus giving a few more inches of platform face. Other than that I'd like to stay as per the plan.

The Prototype Models structures are no longer with us so the station building and goods shed will be scratch-built. I've sort of decided on the station from Wrington on the Blagdon branch as drawn in the June 1965 RM and the shed from Lambourne. Both GWR branches, but neither GWR built. Both fairly small and timber so as not to dominate the scene. There is possibly an idea to use the card-stonework that I used on Wood End/Garn. This will stop it being a 'quick' project and give a little individuality as no one else is stupid enough to do it this way.

That then is the plan. None of the above will now happen and all will be altered.

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  1. Rather late in the day as a response.... but like you I can't stop fiddling around the TAoC to try and make it buildable. I like the idea of flipping it round so the goods yard is at the front but there is that bit of that wants to build it pretty much as is so it is genuinely a homage to Roy's flawed design.