Friday, 22 April 2011


I can't quite explain why (possibly the Unnycoome issues) but signals and their workings are starting to interest me more these days. As far as modellers go it's almost a no go area - they seem to get ignored and yet they add so much to train set operation. It is like walking into a minefield though with endless quirks and variants. Below is the starter at Tenterden opposite the site of the infamous three armed post that stood here through the line's working existence.

Lamps at Bodiam. Originals, or copies thereof. Another excluded subject.


  1. Stay away from the signals ! There lies a re real hornets nest of strange terms, incantations and opportunities to get something slightly wrong so that the next time you exhibit, a nasal voice will come accross the barrier saying, "I think you will find that the signal there should be a three quarter quadrent according to rule 58B subsection C of the 1947 GWR rule book, revision 2"

  2. I suppose signalling is another area where it's actually simpler to follow a prototype; after all, you can just follow the signal diagram......
    What could possibly go wrong?????
    I must admit that I drew up a diagram for Fidley's signals solely because I wanted to have the right number of levers in the box interior and paint them the right colours, as the only signal on there is non-working (at least, for now), and it's quite an interesting subject.
    If I have any questions on general signalling practice it's easy enough; just ask one of the signalmen at work!
    I find the best way to silence the inevitable critics is to ask them what they recommend you do to correct your lamentable errors, complete with research sources.....usually shuts them up, but may occasionally get a positive result!

  3. If I get a real pain in the arse I tend to ask where their layout is in the hall so that I can see what they've done. They generally shuffle off.