Monday, 9 May 2011

Rhiw industrial unit

The art of the typical. Railway land and mid 1980s - means industrial units and with the last few inches of Llynfordd's boards to cover the last thing to do is build the unit. Quite a few photos have been taken, but I wanted totally boring, not just the exciting front view, but the rear with nothing happening. This was the general model. A bit of brick counting gave the general dimensions:

Most of these units seem to be 2.5 floors high with an outward brick foot of 8' high. So the back wall came out at 180mm x 95mm. Just one single internal push-bar door to relieve the plain wall.

And a lot of jiggling around to get the sides the right length. Three walls up... internals rear and roof to go. My favourite construction of left over 2mm card and Slaters sheet. The alarm is a 2mm phone cabinet left from the Unnycoombe station kit, the light over the door a bit of square sprue. Cost so far; maybe a pound.

Mrs F and I dropped into Gaugemaster on Saturday. She pointed out the similar Skaledale building on the shop layout and raised an eyebrow. I pointed out the £33 price tag... A unit is three quid, thirty three is almost dinner.


  1. And everyone else has the Skaledale version too.

  2. There is that to it. Nothing wrong with them, but it's a bit like setting fire to fivers. Lot of cash for resin boxes.