Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wills Craftsman kit

I've been given a house. Not a real one you understand, but one made of slightly soft plastic. And not even that, but a Wills Craftsman Kit of a cottage, passed to me via Mrs F. from one of her colleagues. What the hell am I going to do with that?
It's not even a kit really, but like the old Brian Clarke 16mm kits it's some plastic sheets, a few fittings and a plan. That is you have to make most of the main parts yourself. But this didn't help me know what to do with it. Then after the B&B Members Day all the pieces dropped into place.
1. I need a replacement for Garn ... and quickly.
2. I have a cottage kit.
When I mentioned this to Nigel he shook his head sagely 'What about your signature card slabs?' My reply was that it's not set in stone... and anyway why not use Wills kits throughout? I've NEVER built a Wills kit, so what better time to have a go. The new plan would need a foot bridge, a small road bridge, an underbridge or cattle creep and a small waiting shelter a la Corris/ Talyllyn. The above kits at £4 apiece would seem like a good start point for adaptation. Both Richard Glover and John Bruce have made lovely stuff from Wills material, so why not forgo the card bocks and try something different?
Now, back to the cottaging...
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  1. Wills kits are a joy to build and very adaptable. Before you start, get the Iain Rice book on then that Wild Swan published years ago. "Plastic Structure Kits: Making the Most of the Wills Scenic Series "

    Very inspirational and a good read too.

  2. Yes this book was mentioned. I think I've not used them because'everyone does' and because of the thicknessof the plastic which isn't as bad as I'd thought.

  3. They are lovely kits even if they are a bit familiar, with suitable personalisation and integration into the layout scene they will look right at home.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with after Garn is Gawn ...!

  4. P.S. Would second the vote for the Iain Rice book, probably not a lot you don't already know but some good tips specific to Wills and generally an encouraging read.