Thursday, 23 February 2012

Talyllyn Railway station building from Wills sheet

As stated earlier there were a lot of bits left over from the cottage. The challenge was to get the station shelter out of this doggy-bag of plastic. The usual out of focus photos show the process without too much explaination. The above shows the inner and outer walls packed with some 60thou and the full sheet of 'York stone'. Below the basic shell using the sheet inside out at the back and the corner pieces from the kit.

A bit of what should have been the cottage floor planking and the door from what I think may be the sprue from the 'grotty huts' pack which is included. The roof is a real bodge as there wasnt quite enough, so the the rear is a slate row shorter... well it's at the back ain't it? Below the whole basic structure painted with Rowney Middle Grey letting the cream plastic colour bleed through.

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