Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Kerswell, the ideal small terminus?

Kerswell model railway
Photos: AW Knights
The 4mm light railway is a subject that I've had a bash at before (see Froxington in the sidebar) and it didn't really work. However this Twickenham MRC layout was at the East Grinstead show a few weeks ago and proved to me that not only could it work in a small (sub 4') space, but it could be done with PECO track.
It was pointed out that something similar could be done at least stock wise from what is in the cupboard. Goods stock is a mix of kits and RTR, the coach a re-roofed Triang and the loco the obvious Terrier.

Kerswell model railway
Which brings me to a question. When the Dapol Terrier was launched in 1989 (yes that long ago) I expected a rush of light railways and Haying influenced models - it didn't happen. Why? It's such a logical small space idea and perfect for the builder of esoteric wagonry.

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  1. I remember modifying and re-painting a Dapol Terrier (to Col. Stephens dark blue) for one of Laurie Cooksey's layout ideas which was based on Canterbury Road but you're right....other than that and now "Kerswell" I've seen few, if any, light railway schemes based around it or the Hornby version. There's a mention in Iain Rice's "Railway Modelling The Realistic Way" that the original idea for the Scaleforum "build a layout in a weekend" was to have been based around a P4'd Dapol Terrier working a version the Newhaven Harbour branch but that ended up morphing into a Pug-based layout "oop north" when the Terrier was not available at the critical time.
    I wonder if the dearth of LR models is due to LR modellers being more into building kits, perhaps in EM/P4 than using RTR? Certainly an old school friend of mine who is modelling the K&ESR is doing so in EM.......