Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Airfix figures

Airfix figures
A couple of figures for Tal Coed. Nothing startling here in fact the usual ones I tend to use, both from the Dapol/Airfix range. The way I do this is probably not to most people's taste - a coat of 33 black then flesh areas from a mix of leather/brick/cream/white depending how I feel. Then often as not I'll leave them on the bench and add to them with whatever is on the brush as I think appropriate. Finally a wash of German grey.

This may look a little grubby to most people and is certainly grubbier than most on other layouts. However bear in mind that pre 50s the dyes were more muted, people hung onto clothes longer and in many cases we and our clothes did not get washed as well, and nearly as often. A trawl though the pictures of the pre war periods show a population that is a lot duller visually than post 60s and a lot more weather-beaten.

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