Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NSB small station buildings

NSB small station buildings
 First job up and done. Nigel's NSB station building. Hardly a grand edifice, but fitting for the situation. Built mainly from Evergreen and scrap with I think door and windows from redundant kit parts. My task to paint it.
NSB small station buildings
Cream is a bitch of a colour to get to cover (as is red, which is why all railway companies use them exclusively) The prototype painting ranges from GWR cream to lumpy custard so I aimed for something in between mixing Humbrol 63 and 253 (sand and cream). Of course being that it needed four coats to get anywhere near covered, my mix varied a bit. The details are picked out in oxide (70). The asbestos/zinc roof in 27 and GW Charondon Granite.

A couple of notes on the prototype photos: 1) the buildings sit on a concrete plinth (this has yet to be painted) 2) the platforms are very low to British eyes - not more than a foot - so note the mounting step on the first photo. There are, just out of shot three, what can only be described as 'kitchen steps' between the double track which should line up with the coach doors. 3) the lower shot shows a rather embarrassed looking boulder. If you modelled this it would just look wrong. 4) the platforms are unbelievably short especially when considering the length of the coaching stock used.
NSB small station buildingsNSB small station buildings

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