Monday 25 June 2012

Slaters 7mm figures

Slaters 7mm figures
I get bouts of painting. Some things need doing as they go, and then that's it. Or I do batches of things. At the  moment it's the later.

I bought the Slaters figures to fill out a pair of 7mm NG coaches. Rough is not the word. I know the moulds are old, but they have a bit of a nerve charging eight quid for something that is a) under scale and b) has so much flash on it that it takes a hour to clean up. Having said that they are cheap compared to single w/m figures and they are 'background'. I just need some indication that this isn't the train from the Marie Celeste.

As can be seen here the first three have been cleaned up and painted black to seal and create a shadow base. Although I've done the whole figure, anything below the knees is a waste, a bit like a Republican punishment victim.

I also have on the bench a BR brake van, two more NSB vans, the Svanda station shelter and at long last the figures for Tal-Coed. Painting season begins.

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