Monday 18 February 2013

Small and Delightful exhibition

Tal coed 009 scale model railway

Narrow Gauge South West is a bit of an enigma- to me anyway. I was approached to go with Garn (twice) then it went quiet. Then with Garn sold I was emailed, then it went quiet. Then I got a list of B&Bs which I had to book myself.

Mrs F and I turned up on the Friday night at the allotted time  with Tal-Coed and set up, but as there had been no power laid on we couldn't test, so gave up and went for a curry (Mugal Empire in Shepton, holes in ceiling and a spotty white waiter, but food good).

So, thus far you have no booking, no accommodation and no power, but despite all that it's a hell of a show. By the morning it had all fallen into place, the tea was flowing, I stood chatting for most of that days while Mrs F. did the bulk of knob twiddling. A good day of chat with old friends, lots of banter, three invites and I pretty much kept my wallet hidden, so resolution kept to as well.

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