Monday 11 February 2013

Kerr Stuart 4.5

 One of the problems of a big airy cab is that it looks empty. I looked at the photo collection to see what I could do for nothing.
I ascertained that while something was needed it could be pretty rough and still feel OK. A delve into the scrapbox yet again threw up some 40though, 20thou, some sprue, microrod and part of an undercarriage. Yes I know it looks rough and impressionistic...
Young Parker gives cause for some thought on his blog today, most of which I wholeheartedly agree with. Is it time for a re-evaluation of the model railway exhibition and a return to basics? I personally am slightly shy of the big shows such as Ally Pally and Warley though I know a couple of people who like to think themselves above anything less. I feel that the 'open day format such as the recent Beds and Bucks is just about the most ideal situation for most of us.

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