Tuesday 12 February 2013

Kerr Stuart 5

 Painted and coupling-ed. It's taken a bit longer than I thought, but I'm actually quite pleased with the way it's come out. The fact that it was shortened makes the loco very boxy and workman-like so plain dirty black seemed to be the order of the day.
Just a driver to fit when I can get to the box with the figures in, and a nameplate. Which is two I need now: Doug for the Barclay and Alf for the Kerr Stuart. Maybe Steve Fulljames will roll into Shepton Mallet with something suitable for me to buy.
I must set the layout up to see if it runs...


  1. This looks really fine, it exudes character. The selection of a driver will be critical, so as not to detract from this lovely make. And you've achieved your new years' resolution, which is more than I can say :-)

  2. Plates by Saturday is unlikely but you can have them for the Sussex Downs show!