Tuesday 25 March 2014

L&B wagon chassis

A bit of soldering was required. I could have dragged out the unfinished loco chassis kit that featured here, but for the purposes of the exercise, a wagon kit is a lot less threatening. Enter the long defunct Langley Lynton and Barnstaple 4 ton open wagon.

Etched kits have changed and I reckon this is from about 1980. Problems are that I followed the instructions - when will I learn? - and that the metal is a tad thicker than would probably be used now. What I should have done was ignore the paperwork and fold the chassis first, then add the three-part axle boxes and the so easily broken tie-bars. Adding the bits in the flat, then putting the whole lot in a vice to bend it up? Not a good idea. There are wheels included though. Nice good old fashioned heavy N gauge wheels... well you can't beat a big flange on a Tuesday afternoon.


  1. I had forgotten these existed........so this means the same wagon is/has been available, in the same scale, in at least four different formats ie: White metal kit (FR/GEM?........not sure but I had a few of them back in the '80s), etched brass kit, plastic kit (Parkside Dundas) and, most recently, R-T-R from Peco. I forget whether there's been a Golden Arrow resin kit.
    Is this just a reflection of the continuing popularity of the L&B or is it that the information was readily available to the kit makers at the time?
    I suppose it would be fun to make one of each and pose them side by side in a sort of identity parade.......or maybe not!

  2. Stig - see June 2013 009 News for an L&B stock identity parade by Stephen Sullivan.