Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday Ramble The great tidy up

The smaller one is nearer and the bigger one is further away...

The faded white of my Argos work bench is 70% visible now. Pecketts have been painted and F&B coaches have had roofs covered in bog paper and couplings fitted. Now I'm in full flow with the relative bulk of the diesel. This is a bit of a jump even from the 7mm stuff and it's only a tiny loco.

I'm entering a modelling phase. Odd? There's a difference. Layout building is a set of ordered projects that are of a one and have a natural sequence: Baseboard, track scenery, buildings trees etc. Modelling is something smaller - contained. The above are an add on for Tal-coed and a little trial piece - not related and no specific reason... they just are. This is quite freeing. There is no deadline as such and I definitely don't need them. There are a lot of these in the cupboard; things that could be made just for the hell of it: 4mm wagon kits, signal kits even a Airfix Victory which I would insist on painting 'in service' black rather than the pretty stripes.
And so the tidy up continues, just for a while, just until I can see the bench again.


  1. I really must get started on the 16mm GVT coach kit.......mind you, it would dwarf your little loco I think.

  2. And not just the coach if rumours are be believed...