Wednesday 8 July 2015

13 ton Southern Railway wagon

13 ton Southern Railway wagon

This is what happens when you say yes instead of no. With the narrow gauge book finally done and buried amongst the Pete Waterman books on amazon (outselling PW at one point; I should be so lucky... lucky, lucky....) there came a figure on the horizon saying ' Go south my boy, go south'. As so it came to pass that my life is now swamped in the unlikely, but remarkably engrossing world of research and building of Southern Region stuff. The quick snap above is a Southern Railway 12 ton open, upgraded post war to 13 tons. This from the Cambrian kit with cast buffers added and Modelmaster transfers. Quite fun really. I do like a few wagon kits to brighten my day.


  1. Really must get going with my 4mm standard gauge stuff.....there's a lot of pleasure to be had from building a good old-fashioned wagon as you say, and most 00 kits are well-enough developed to keep things fairly simple and quick provided you don't want to get too into "refinements" (such as compensation, super-detailed brake gear, etc.). Mind you, I've got enough little cast and etched bits in the big box marked "EM" to keep the soldering iron busy for more years than I probably have left!
    Another nice thing is that with the growth in R-T-R, many of the kits that have now been duplicated (superseded?) by the latest offering from the box makers are available second- or third- hand REALLY cheaply, so it's all a bit like being 13 again and being able to buy a kit for a couple of quid.