Sunday 25 October 2015

Oakworth goods

This from the train on the Worth Valley last week. The track layout at Oakworth is fascinating me. Why, when you are only dealing with two short-ish sidings, do you wrap one across the other, kick back across to the goods shed (far left) through a diamond? This means that the siding nearest the train is only usable as a headshunt. Why not come in from the far end into a simple two siding fan with a trap point to protect the running line? Or why not site the shed at the other end with the blind wall against the running lines? Also note the trap blades half way down the leading point.
Anyone know why this seemingly over complex layout was used?


  1. Might be something to do with it having been taken over by the Midland, their track layouts often seem to have slips, diamonds etc. in an attempt to avoid facing points.

  2. If the old OS maps are to be believed, there was a second connection into the yard at the far end. Oakworth also had a passing loop on the other side of the main line IIRC.

  3. I am modelling Oakworth and have included that second connection as in Andy H comment. I have also planned the second line as in some photos. John